Traveling After COVID

Betty & I had a unique opportunity to take the first Crystal Cruise out of Nassau on July 3. After many cruises we wanted to experience how Covid has affected the wonders of cruising. This gave us the ability to advise you firsthand on the protocols of cruising after Covid.

Our first cruise after 18 months of being land locked was a true pleasure. Everyone appeared to be so excited to see Cruise ships on the water again. The crew was all vaccinated & happy to be back at work. In Every dining area your temperature was taken & you were required to sanitize your hands. Every effort was made to keep us safe & healthy.

The information we give you applies to Florida cruise ports only. Each state has its own protocols.

Please contact us for information on cruising out of any worldwide port.

Vaccinated Cruisers

  • As with your passport Senior Travel needs to have a copy on file of your vaccine card.
  • Make sure you carry your vaccine card as you may have to present it at some point prior to boarding the ship.
  • Our cruise line tested each passenger prior to boarding.
  • Depending on the cruise line you may also have to take a Covid test prior to boarding, during your cruise or prior to entering the United States.
  • Vaccinated cruisers are exempt in most areas from wearing a mask.
  • Masks were required to board the ship & while inside the ports. All ports required masks.

Unvaccinated Cruises

If you feel uncomfortable taking the vaccine or if you have had Covid & feel you do not need the vaccine & cannot show a vaccine card here are some of the requirements you may encounter

  • You may have to wear a mask throughout the cruise except while in your cabin or while eating & drinking.
  • You may have designated seating areas in public venues.
  • You may be restricted in visiting ports.
  • You may be required to buy specific Covid travel insurance policies
  • May be required to take a Covid test 72 hours prior to arrival at the terminal. One at the pier prior to boarding & 2 during the cruise. At a potential cost of approximately $180.00.


We never recommend anyone travel without adequate insurance. However if you are vaccinated you are not required to carry a specific amount of insurance. Unvaccinated cruisers may have to purchase specific Covid insurance offered by the cruise lines. All cruisers may be required to take Covid tests periodically.

If you can prove you have had Covid by a doctor or hospital note some cruise lines will treat this as a vaccinated status.

All cruise line crew will be vaccinated & wear masks throughout the cruise. Hand sanitizers & masks are readily available throughout the ship.

Various venues such as restaurants, entertainment areas, SPA, gym & major common areas may be open only for vaccinated passengers. Unvaccinated passengers may have specific times to visit these areas.

In all dining areas food will be distributed by crew only. Specialty restaurants may have specific hours for vaccinated & unvaccinated passengers.

Cruise lines will try to operate with limited capacity & 95% vaccinated with 5 % unvaccinated or immune.

Governor DeSantis’ rules for showing vaccine cards have been struck down by the courts.  So we all must be careful when traveling on any type of public transportation.


As ships depart from various ports, navigating the individual state rules will be a challenge that Senior Travel will continue to monitor. Florida rules will vary the most from other state ports. To be sure you are up to date on all requirements contact Chris Morse at 818-430-1480 or