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Rev Jeff Wood

We just passed Easter, a high point for Christians around the world.  A little story makes its point, sort of.  Three men are at a friend’s funeral.  At the reception one of them said “That was beautiful. What would you guys like to be said about you over your casket when you die?”  The first said, “I devoted a lot to my medical practice. I hope they talk about what a great doctor I was.” The second said, “I spent a lot of time with my family. I hope they talk about how great of a father I was.” The third said, “I hope they say, ‘LOOK he’s moving!” 

The jubilation at life restored is the mainspring of Easter.  But it is not quite life restored that Easter celebrates but life resurrected.  Jesus was not just the old Jesus alive again after the resurrection.  He was different.  While much the same, and did things like eat with the disciples (very physical), he also did things like pass through doors (which the “old Jesus” didn’t do).  The resurrection celebrated is a life with hallmarks of all that was good from the past but also with all the enhancements of what fits best in kingdom of God living. 

I hope you are looking to God for your resurrection. 

Rev. Jeff Wood, First Presbyterian

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