What Did I Do Wrong?

by Joe Steckler

President, Helping Seniors of Brevard

What If I had done things differently? That is a good question and a common worry for seniors. It is also an issue most of us think we cannot change or do something about and that too is subject to discussion. I guess it all depends on how much the question bothers a person.

As we age, we often come across someone who is truly unhappy. No matter how much we want to help such a person, nothing seems to work or bring about a different outcome. Does that mean we should stop trying to help such a person? Not at all, but it does mean we might have met our own limitations in trying to advise them. 

While we cannot always change another person, we most certainly can change the way we are trying to help. Too often, we want others to adopt a lifestyle we see fitting them best, when in fact such a change might not be beneficial at all. Then we must regroup and rethink the problem at hand. Maybe we need someone to tell us how to do things differently so we can achieve better outcomes for those we are trying to assist. It can become a huge problem unless we find the right source to guide us.

Geriatric care can become more difficult if resources are misdirected. Too often we look for quick solutions to a complicated problem that requires more training than most of us have. Recognition that we are at an impasse is vital. I hope the foregoing discussion will enable you to ascertain whether you have reached a point where it is time to call in reinforcements for a problem you are trying to resolve. As we get older there are many times we might question the path we have chosen to get where we are in our life. For most of us it is fine but there are those that might need selective support. 

Helping Seniors of Brevard, now in its 12th year, is in the process of opening a Senior Resource Center in the Apollo Professional Tower at 1344 S. Apollo Boulevard, Melbourne. Various resources that assist seniors will be located in the Center, plus a calling card library of senior services from Micco to Titusville. One of the most sought-after services for those caring for seniors is respite care for the caregiver—did you know that free services can be obtained at the Brevard Alzheimer’s Foundation or at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church, Indialantic, as well as other locations throughout Brevard County? Places of assistance are available; you just have to know about them.

If you are not happy with your life, make a change and become a volunteer at the Senior Resource Center. Help another senior in need with respite care, transportation, or telephone contact.

Contact Helping Seniors at 321-473-7770, at www.HelpingSeniorsofBrevard.org, or at P.O. Box 372936, Satellite Beach, FL 32937.