What’s in the Rudder Spot?

Rev. Jeff Wood, First Presbyterian Church of Sebastian

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Rev Jeff Wood


            The theological biographies of Jesus (gospels) are very disproportionate.  Matthew, for example, is 28 chapters long and 27 of them lead up to the resurrection.  The resurrection is recorded in the first ten verses of the last chapter 28 and then there are only ten verses more.  That’s it!  In Mark there are 668 verses and the resurrection happens at verse 665!  Only three verses (or twelve with the longer ending)!  In Luke there are 24 chapters and the resurrection is recorded in the first part of chapter 24 and the gospel is over a half a chapter later.  In John there are 21 chapters.  He spends chapters 12 through 19 on Jesus’ final week, chapter 20 on the resurrection, and then there’s only one more.  That’s it! 

You see a sailboat and most of it is hull, cabin, and sails.  The rudder is a small part at the end.  But the end part, a sailor will tell you, is very significant.  What is in the rudder position of the gospels?  Each has a version of “Go and share about me, who I am, what I teach, and what I have done.”  Jesus is the source of shalom, not just for a period of time or a region in the Middle East, but for all.  And wanting that shalom to spread and bless, he enlists us all.  Bring his shalom wherever you are, every day. 


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