Where Can Seniors Turn for Answers?

by Don Kramer 

How do I tell my wife that I can’t care for her by myself anymore? What should I do about my husband, who refuses to stop driving after several close calls? Can I make a Medicare change after open enrollment? Who will take care of my dogs after I’m gone?

These are just some of the thousands of queries we receive each year at One Senior Place. At no cost to seniors and their families, we point you to appropriate resources and generally provide help navigating the maze of senior services and agencies in Central Florida.

When my wife and I began One Senior Place in 2006, we did it because of the various experiences we had while searching for help for our aging parents. Even though Beth was an RN, we found that many senior services could only provide one small piece of the puzzle. After countless hours of research, phone calls and emails, we realized there was a genuine need for an organization that could bring everything together under one roof. And so, One Senior Place was born. We set out to learn everything we could about the senior space in Brevard County. Today, we know the agencies and their directors, we know the service providers, we have amassed a physical and virtual library of resources –and we’re focused on education and information.

Each year, One Senior Place presents hundreds of free programs, connecting seniors with the help they need for successful aging. In 2020, we launched the Ask One Senior Place column, providing additional guidance for seniors and their families.

Join us at 10 AM on Monday, July 17 for “Coffee & Conversation” with Eva Rey, Community Relations Manager for the Viera Company. Eva will provide us with an update on the current and future growth of Viera, including items of interest for seniors. RSVP online at OneSeniorPlace.com or call us at 321-751-6771 in Viera.      

 One Senior Place is a marketplace for resources and provider of information, advice, care and on-site services for seniors and their families. Questions for this column are answered by professionals in nursing, care management and in-home care. Send questions to AskOSP@OneSeniorPlace.com, call 321-751-6771 or visit One Senior Place, The Experts in Aging. Don Kramer is the founder and CEO of One Senior Place, with Central Florida locations in Viera and Greater Orlando.