10 Bucket-List Cruises You Need to Book

  1. Alaska

Alaska is undeniably one of the most majestic destinations in the world, and summer in Alaska should be on every cruise bucket list. You’ll be able to marvel at Mendenhall Glacier and other amazing landscapes, plus see whales, bald eagles and grizzly bears in Alaska as you sail along magnificent shorelines.  This is the most popular cruise in the world!

  1. Antarctica

If getting to all seven continents is a must-do, then an Antarctica cruise needs to be on your cruise bucket list. As with Alaska, cruising is the best way to reach the Earth’s last truly wild continent. These cruises are not for the lighthearted!

You have to be in great health to take any of these specialized cruises.

  1. Australia Circumnavigation

With most of Australia’s important cities located along its coastlines, a cruise that encircles the massive island is one of the best ways to see all the country has to offer. See kangaroos and koalas; visit Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Cairns; dive deep to view the Great Barrier Reef and spot crocs near Darwin in Australia’s tropical north.  One of the mosts beautiful crises you can take during our winters (downunder is just the opposite seasons.

  1. Galapagos

There are few cruise destinations more deserving of the bucket-list designation than the Galapagos Islands. They’re the stuff of legend, really; a living testament to the power of evolution where you’ll see Galapagos giant tortoises on one island and swimming lizards and child-sized birds on another.  This could be where it all began according to Darwin!

  1. Hawaii

One of the most postcard-perfect destinations in the world, the Hawaiian Islands are the closest Americans (North, South or Central) can get to paradise on Earth (Hawaii is part of Polynesia, after all).  A special cruise if you like Hawaii!

  1. Holy Land

For people of many faiths, the opportunity to visit sites mentioned in the Torah, Bible or Koran is higher on their bucket list than anything else. That makes a Holy Land cruise in the Middle East a perfect match.  You truly feel special after this cruise.  Not only for the faith based audience, but for anyone who wants to delve into the history of religion!

  1. Panama Canal

If marvel at the architectural ingenuity of mankind, cruising the Panama Canal should definitely be on your bucket list. Whether you choose a cruise that sails to the entrance of the canal or do a full transit through the length of the Panama Canal, the gigantic Panama Canal locks are a sight to behold. You will not believe the new Canal!!

  1. South Pacific

Some enchanted evening you just might be able to tick the South Pacific off your list of must-visit places on a bucket list cruise to Melanesia, Polynesia or Micronesia (or some combination thereof). One of the truest paradises on Earth is far from anywhere, but lives large in our imaginations.  I could not keep my eyes open enough to see all the great sights during this crise.  You are truly in paradise!

  1. Norwegian Fjords

Offering picturesque views, wild folklore and glimpses of the Northern Lights, a Norway cruise to the fjords is bucket-list material. Not only do cruises to the Norwegian fjords feature stunning scenic cruising opportunities — such as Geirangerfjord and Hardangerfjord — but they sometimes include an Arctic Circle.  A very special cruise that will take your breath away everyday!

  1. World Cruise
    World cruises are the granddaddy of all bucket-list cruises. You could skip most of the other cruises on this list if you embark on a World Cruise. With visits to many of the places on this list incorporated into the itinerary, a world cruise can fulfill just about any cruise bucket-list fantasy.

These cruises should be on your bucket list.  If you want any information on these special cruises, please let us know at 818-430-1480.  Some of this content from Cruise Critic