Artist Emily Neel

HELLO Brevard County! I’m Emily Neel, dermatology PA, mom of two incredible kids AND enthusiastic self-taught artist—well, I take that back—an obsessively insatiable artist taught by gobs of other artists online and in person…so not exactly self-taught when you really think about it. I’ve been consistently painting since December 2019 and I. Can’t. Stop.  

     Oil paint is my preferred medium, but I enjoy gouache and watercolor also. And don’t get me started talking about art techniques or art history- I may never stop.  

     Learning to think and see like a painter has opened up a whole new chapter in my life (not to mention a refreshed appreciation for this dazzling world we live in) and I am so incredibly lucky and delighted to have found my passion. (I do wonder if my university study abroad program at the Sorbonne in Paris (a semester of ART and literature) years ago had a little something to do with all this— this beloved art class lay dormant in my subconscious for so long.) 

     I’m not afraid to paint anything or any size. You name it, I’ll try it —seascapes, landscapes, still lifes, portraits, animals, figurative works, master copies (I did a recent John Singer Sargent portrait that’s three feet by four feet!) to tiny worlds painted in Altoids tins. It’s so incredibly fun and challenging for me. Also, I have a deep fondness for painting “en plein air” (painting outside) as I believe nature is our greatest teacher. I adore plein air, so you’ll find me at the beach most weekends, painting the sea while my family surfs the waves. So please join me on my painting journey- take a look at my website and follow me on Instagram @emilyneelstudio for more. I promise you won’t be disappointed, and you MAY just be inspired. Now let’s go paint!