Artist Linda Graham

Linda Graham was born in Kearney, Nebraska and spent the early portion of her life in central USA as her family moved frequently. Her chosen profession was nursing, and a large part of her adult life was spent in various areas of the medical field, only taking time off to raise her family. She moved often as her husband was in the military and this afforded them the chance to see much of the world and travel extensively.

She is largely self-taught, she started painting in the 80s and enjoyed every opportunity to “do art” as time permitted. Her subject matter changed frequently depending upon the period of her life and her concerns at that time. Linda loves painting in oil, watercolor and acrylic as well as drawing in pen and ink. She had many interesting subjects to paint or draw and didn’t really have one main interest but experimented with abstract art. Linda said: “art is all around us and it crosses all racial, religious and gender lines”.

She enjoyed putting on canvas and paper her interpretation of the world and the impact it had on her life. Linda is spending her retirement years in comfort living at Alura Senior Living in Rockledge/Viera area. Some of her favorite things to do are trivia, arts & crafts, enjoying a meal with her new friends and sipping wine while listening to Alura’s Wednesday concerts.