Local Artist Carol Ravantti-Lalla


My name is Carol Ravantti~Lalla. Many just call me Lalla and I prefer it now….it’s how I’ve always signed my paintings.


As a pretty much self-taught artist, I used all media to see which I was most drawn to although I still work with most media, but my favorite is oil on canvas. It just feels richer to me, and I love the viscosity of it with which to work. If I need something done quickly, I will opt for acrylics and enjoy that as well. I also work in pastels, watercolor, and pen/ink.

I have enjoyed doing mural and faux work, portraits of people and animals, and anything in nature, especially the sea here in Florida.  I belonged to a gallery in Eau Gallie until I was plagued with medical issues that forced me to have several surgeries and couldn’t paint at all. I’m all better now thank goodness and can think of nothing but painting now every day. For me, it’s not wanting to paint, I feel I have no choice but to paint. It’s such a strong passion that will not be ignored – it’s my addiction and I love it.  

I’m originally from Long Island, New York.  I’ve lived and worked in NYC for many years and in many places in and out of the country. I come from a very artistically creative family in painting, music, and poetry. I was offered an art scholarship when was 17 but due to circumstances at the time, I could not accept it.  Instead, I developed a career in business and management and opening my own business.  I was largely involved in real estate financing for many years in NY and FL. I have resided in Florida for many years, mostly in S.E. Florida, but I’ve lived almost eight years in Melbourne. I believe my traveling days are over as I really love it here.

Even with my many travels and work, I still always painted part time, accepted many commissions, and submitted to a few galleries. Wherever I traveled, I visited art museums and galleries and was always so inspired. Of course, Italy and Paris were awesome, and I couldn’t wait to get home to paint.

More recently, I’ve been able to give my longtime passion all my time since I retired from the business world, and I am thrilled to be driven each day creating new work on my easel. Lately, I’ve been attending the Brevard Art League downtown on the days they bring in models. I used to paint nude men and women and love it as I love anatomy. I like my paintings to tell a story, so I finish my work in my studio and create a background for the story. I intend to be working on more landscapes and seascapes as well. Nature and weather have a way of making one feel whether it be calm and serene or dark and dramatic. It affects us all.

Most of my work can be seen at  www.artpal.com/lallaland. Several have been sold but prints are available in many materials and sizes. I do post on social media on several sites. If you are interested in inquiring about commissioned work or anything else, please feel free to email me at carolinlallaland@gmail.com. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Lastly, as a devoted animal lover, I wrote, illustrated, and published a series of children’s books titled, “A Wiggles and Wags Tale” on Amazon by C. R. Lalla about dog rescues and adoptions with wonderful stories. It helps children understand the responsibilities and joys of pet adoption.  They were recently featured in The Pet Gazette Paper here in Brevard and have had great reviews.