Local Artist Mimi Givens

Mimi Givens moved to Melbourne from Rhode Island, where she lived all her life.  She holds an undergraduate degree from Harvard, and a master’s in teaching from Rhode Island College.

Mimi is happily married to her high-school sweet heart, Kevin, although it took them twenty years after high school to find each other again.  They celebrate life, motorcycling, golfing, traveling, working out at the new gym, and tending to their garden together.  She has four grown children: Adam, Raymond, Jennifer, and Brittany.  She loves animals, and has one furry friend named Rocky, a Bichon Frise, who is her constant walking companion.

When not teaching or enjoying the great outdoors of Florida, Mimi loves to paint.  For three years, she was part of a vibrant artist’ community and fine arts gallery specializing in oil painting, where she painted with other artists in a large, sunny studio.  She is self-taught, and currently paints at home, although she is exploring other avenues and other mediums, such as neo-colors, a water-soluble oil crayon that acts like a watercolor when wet.  She has sold several of her pieces, and been in several art shows, including the Scituate Art Festival of Rhode Island; painting is a true joy for Mimi, and like most joys in life, “happiness is better shared.”

Mimi is currently exhibiting in several locations through the Brevard Cultural Alliance exhibit program.