Local Artist Sandy Sawin

“To look into the eyes of an animal…is to see into its soul”.

This is what I attempt to do every time I try to capture the unique essence of a beautiful creature on canvas.

I always start with the eyes…which tells me who they are… and what they are feeling. I love painting the textures of their skin, fur, and feathers…using color and shadows to breathe life into them with each deliberate stroke of my brush.

Sandy exhibits her artwork throughout Brevard County as a participant of the Brevard Cultural Alliance Exhibit program.


Sandy has been a member of Brevard Cultural Alliance for a many years and sold several pieces of her artwork while participating in the BCA exhibit program.

If you wish to participate in the exhibit program or looking for that very special piece of artwork for your home contact Lynne Brezina at lynne.brezina@artsbrevard.org