Veterans Day In Brevard County:  Back In Spades

by Donn Weaver, Council Chairman

After very limited ceremonies in Brevard County in celebration of Veterans Day 2020, this year will be much different.  

There are parades planned (Perhaps the biggest in Palm Bay the morning of Nov 6); many ceremonies at dozens of Brevard County schools; Veteran visits to many senior centers to honor residents there (almost none in 2020) ; special public events at many American Legion, VFW, Moose and Elks, etc. Posts and Lodges; special events in many communities and major ceremonies in Cocoa (Evening of Nov 6) and the Veterans Memorial Center on Merritt Island on Nov 11, 0930 (see Poster).  Welcome back!!  The veterans of our community hope you will celebrate that special day with them near you.

Veterans Day as a national holiday did not start out the way it is today.  Initially, Nov 11, 2018, was called Armistice Day to mark the end of World War I in Europe and to celebrate the “war to end all wars”.  That did not work out.  The date, however, has stuck.  WWI ended by signing a treaty on the 11th hour, of the 11th day of the 11th month ended a four year long stalemate with millions of casualties.  America did not officially enter WWI until 1917 and was thus spared much more than the other combatants.  

As the years and wars went by, Congress declared that day officially to be Veterans Day and to always remain on Nov 11 every year.  Meanwhile, Memorial Day was established as well to focus on honoring our fallen soldiers and eventually made part of the last three day weekend of May.  Some Americans forget the difference:  Veterans Day is to celebrate the service of all veterans in all services during times of combat or peace.  Memorial Day is to remember the ultimate sacrifice of those who did not come home from war, including those still Missing in Action and Prisoners of War when last heard about.  

So, let’s make Veterans Day 2021 very special in terms of Celebration and thanks to veterans of all time —  from the Revolution until today and from our first branch of service –  the US Army — to our newest — The US Space Force.  

Thank a veteran, bring children to veteran day events and enjoy part of your holiday week remembering that without veterans there is no America as we enjoy it today despite our challenges as a nation.