What Not To Forget On A Cruise

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We all know that we overthink what items we should bring on a cruise.  Pack or not to pack.  We do not what you to get a bad feeling when you’re on a cruise and discover that you’ve forgotten something at home. Let’s not to put a dent in an otherwise great vacation.  Here is a list of a few critical things not to forget the next time you cruise. 

  1. Medications
    Other than a handful of over-the-counter remedies (cold pills, pain relievers and seasickness treatments) sold at inflated prices, cruise ships carry only a limited supply of prescription medications, and these are given out only in emergencies in the ship’s hospital. If you take any kind of medicine on a daily basis, prescription, vitamin or something else, you must bring enough of these items with you to last your entire cruise. Always plan to bring extra days just in case!

Even though most cruise ships do carry pills for seasickness prevention either in the sundries shop or in the medical center if you’re prone to seasickness you shouldn’t forget to bring your own supply as well.

  1. Sweater
    Even on warm-weather cruises you’re likely to run into unexpected chilly air, particularly in public areas of your cruise ship where the A/C is often set very high. Always bring a pullover, cardigan, sweatshirt, or sweater just in case it gets cold on board or on land.  Be prepared!
  2. Snack bars/packs
    Going to be off your cruise ship for an entire day? Taking a bus out to a remote shore expedition locale where there might not be any convenience stores? It’s never a bad idea to have a snack with you when getting off the ship as you don’t always know if you’ll be able to get something to eat if you need it. (very important especially essentially if you’ve got kids in tow or have issues with low blood sugar.)

But taking food off a cruise ship is always a no-no unless it’s a prepackaged, sealed snack bar or snack pack. Since these types of snack foods are rarely sold on cruise ships, don’t forget to throw a handful into your luggage when packing.

  1. Tampons & pads-Women
    Don’t forget to bring your preferred brand of tampons and pads when you cruise. It’s always a good idea to have a stash on hand, particularly if your cruise sailing includes lots of sea days or visits exotic locations where sanitary products might not be readily available.
  2. Vaccination card
    Cruise lines are either requiring or encouraging guests age 12 and older to be vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated, you will face more intense health and safety protocols including COVID-19 tests (which you may or may not have to pay for) and may not be allowed in certain areas of the ship – such as the casino, spa, and some specialty restaurants and maybe on shore excursions. If you are not vaccinated, you may also find you are not allowed on the ship without Covid Travel Insurance sponsored by the cruise line. If you are vaccinated, be prepared to prove it with an official vaccine card.
  3. Ziploc bags
    You can use Ziploc bags in a variety of sizes for practically anything, from an impromptu protector for your phone from the sand and water if you’re hanging on the beach to something to throw your wet bathing suit into if you’ve got the time to change after snorkeling. They’re also great if you want to grab some food from the buffet for a late-night snack in your room or for storing a sandwich if you don’t want to give up your prime lounger by the pool at lunch time.
  4. Electrical Tape or Heavy Packing Tape
    You can always use tape for emergencies: your luggage does not close, you need to hold things together when taking shore excursions, something breaks that you need tape to fix, closing that booze box or the box with all the trinkets.
  5. Small First Aid Kit
    For those bumps and bruises or small cuts that always get in the way. Bring a small first aid kit.

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