You Have Accomplished Much…Share Your Stories!

By Jerry O’Meara

Too often many seniors are content to sit back and just listen when surrounded by people of all ages.

Truth is, we seniors have so much to share with others, especially the young.

Many times, my wife and I will lament the fact that we didn’t ask our parents, grandparents, and relatives more about their life experiences when we were younger.

I remember my dad mentioning the “Victory Honk” that you sounded during WWII when you saw someone speeding. The “Honk” was to remind the driver to slow down and conserve gasoline for the war effort.

Nylons for women were difficult or impossible to find because the silk was needed for parachutes.

My grandfather’s father was a soldier in the Union Army during the Civil War, but I was too young to ask grandpa about his memories. A child of six or seven has other important things on his mind like worms, and coloring books!

My mom frequently spoke of her childhood. She had wonderful stories to share. I am happy that I convinced her to write a series of Short Stories for the enjoyment of those who would come after her.

One of the stories she shared was about her father being a U.S. Postal clerk for the railroad. He was the only man on the block who did not lose his job during the Depression.

Mom, her siblings and friends would go down the street to a nearby rail crossing on the day and time his train would come through their small town of Urbana, Ohio. Excitement would build as the kids waited to hear the whistle of the approaching train. Soon the mail car would pass and there would be Mom’s dad waving and throwing a rolled newspaper filled with candy to the kids!

We as grandparents have a Golden Opportunity.

Our stories are far more impactful than what is on our grandchildren’s cell phones.

I urge you to ask them to turn their phones off and listen to what grandma and grandpa have to say.

You may be pleasantly surprised. Those few minutes without the cell phone may turn into far more than just minutes!







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